Arksun Sound VST Instrument VSTi soundbanks

(straight forward and simple)

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2. All download sales are final. Arksun-Sound cannot issue product refunds once it has been sent (by email) to the buyer. It is the buyers sole responsibility to ensure they have entered their email address correctly and that it is in fully working order.

3. By purchasing a soundbank from you are granted the right to use the enclosed soundbank/presets for your own musical productions which may be free, commercial or otherwise. 

4. Sharing and/or distributing these soundbanks in any way and selling the soundbanks or any part thereof is strictly prohibited. In no way must any part of the soundbanks available on Arksun-Sound be made part of a product for which a fee is charged or of any product which is given freely.

5. Products sold are provided as-is. Arksun-Sound will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of its products. Ensure you download the demo versions first to check compatability before purchasing full versions.

6. The audio mp3 demos and the melodies contained therin on this website are copyrighted and may not be copied or used in your own musical works in any way.

7. I have the right to refuse a purchase order if my records show the buyer has previously leaked one of my products illegally. In such cases the order will be cancelled and no money will be taken from their account.

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